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2011 Nissan NV Commercial Van

2011 Nissan NV High Roof Van

2011 Nissan NV Standard Roof Van

2011 Nissan NV Standard Roof Rear

2011 Nissan NV Cargo Area

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2011 Nissan NV Van

2011 Nissan NV Commercial Van
Nissan blends the line between truck and van

March 10, 2010

The new 2011 Nissan NV full-size van made its debut at the NETA Work Truck Show in St. Louis today. Although Nissan is a dominant brand on the global commercial vehicle market, this commercial van is its first in the North American market. The NV was designed in America and will be built in Canton, Mississippi.

The NV will be offered in several configurations, ranging from half-ton to one-ton ratings, and in standard and high roof designs. Powertrain choices will be a 4.0L V6 and a 5.6L V8 engine. A five-speed automatic transmission is standard. The NV uses a fully boxed, all-steel frame and traditional body-on-frame design.

Nissan has spent five years developing the van, with extensive research in several locations throughout the country, with fleet managers, small business-owners and aftermarket suppliers.

The NV blends the comfortable ride and interior of a pickup-truck with the capabilities of a van. The nose of the Nissan NV resembles a traditional pickup, with the engine and transmission in front of the cab. Wide front doors provide easy entry to bucket seats and a familiar truck-like dash provides a comfortable driving position. Front legroom is also akin to that of a truck. An optional center console provides storage and is easily removable, while the passenger seat folds down for additional cargo room.

The engine-forward design of the Nissan NV places both the engine and transmission in front of the firewall. This allows easy access to the engine for maintenance, without disassembling the interior as can be required on most traditional vans.

The cargo area of the Nissan NV provides 120.7 inches of floor length and 70.3 inches of floor width. The standard roof model has 55.4 inches of height inside the cargo area, while the high roof model allows 76.5 inches of space between the ceiling and floor, enough to allow most users to stand upright.

Designed with the needs of the end-user in mind, the NV offers a wide variety of storage compartments including an under-seat drawer, door pockets, and center console large enough to accommodate a variety of equipment. The cargo area has integrates tie-downs and lighting. The roof-mounted rails feature brackets compatible with many rack systems. The van is also available with wiring options for easy tie-in to the electrical system. An available cargo inner panel protects the outside walls from damage from the inside. Attachment points are designed into the cargo area for mounting shelving and racks.

The new Nissan NV will be available in late 2010 through a network of authorized Nissan Commercial Vehicle dealers nationwide.

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