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Install the factory splash shield, install and repack the stock wheel bearings.


Install the hub-disc assembly and adjust the wheel bearings.


Install the brake caliper. The brake line must be re-bent by hand to allow the brake line to clear the upper ball joint. This should be only be done by hand, being careful not to crimp the brake line.


Next, the lower control arms need to be trimmed to allow proper clearance for the stock wheels. The stock 15-inch aluminum wheels on this truck use 3 1/2-inch backspacing and will rub on the lower control arm. grinds.jpg (22778 bytes)


cutcontrols.jpg (23641 bytes) The section that must be removed is at the corner of the control arm and extends along the arm approximately 4-inches. The control arms need to be trimmed both in the front and at the rear.

If using larger diameter wheels, you may not need to trim the lower control arms.


Now add the Belltech Nitro-Active shocks. These shocks are designed for use with the lowered suspension and compensate for the shorter travel of the drop coil springs. They also have a monotube design with high-pressure nitrogen gas for the ultimate in performance.


Lower the rear of the truck first, then lower the front of the truck. In order to get the truck off of the jack, it is necessary to place blocks under the frame on one side, then jack the truck on one side to remove the blocks.


The truck sits at its new-found low-down height. The whole procedure from start to finish was completed in about 9 hours.

After the truck is put down, it is important to torque all rear suspension components to their final torque. It is also necessary to check and re-torque these components after about 10, 100, and 1000 miles to assure the suspension is set.

It is also necessary to have a wheel alignment done on the front of the truck. This should be done as soon as possible to aviod excessive tire ware.



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finis.jpg (60875 bytes) Parts:


Belltech 3-inch Drop Coil Springs #4452
Belltech 2-inch Drop Spindles #2500
Belltech Nitro-Active Shock Asborbers Front #10030


Belltech 6-inch Flip Kit #6607
Belltech 2-inch Drop Shackles #6400
Belltech Nitro-Active Shock Absorbers Rear #10502


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