Belltech 5/8 Drop
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fronts.jpg (17949 bytes) Now work begins on the front of the truck. Using a floor jack, raise and support the lower control arm.


Remove the brake caliper, tie rod end, hub-disc and splash sheild assemblies. supports.jpg (27179 bytes)
It is important that the brake caliper is supported at all time and not allowed to hang unsupported. We use a milk crate for this task, but it can also be hung by a wire.

Next remove the cotter pins and upper and lower ball joints.


While the front suspension is disassembled several tasks must be performed. First, in order to properly align the truck after the suspension is lowered, it is necessary to modify the upper control arm mounts. These mounts use eccentric bolts to adjust the caster and camber angles of the suspension.

With the upper control arm and mounting bolts removed, use a chisel or grinder to elongate the mounting holes to allow the bolt to slide along the mounting slot. If you do not perform this task, when you take your truck to be aligned, they will take your suspension apart and do this at a price you probably don't want to have to pay.

cambers.jpg (22063 bytes)


springs.jpg (21048 bytes) Now we reassemble the front suspension using Belltech components. The stock coil springs are swapped out in favor of shorter Belltech 3-inch drop coil springs. The new springs are made to handle the extra load of the V8 engine and the extended-cab of the truck, while providing a smooth ride and positive performance for the new altitude of the truck.


The drop springs are placed in the spring pocket, and the stock rubber isolaters are reused and placed on top of the springs to prevent annoying squeaks. spindle2s.jpg (21225 bytes)


Next, the Belltech 2-inch drop spindles are installed. Notice the location of the mounting axle on the spindle, this provides the 2-inch drop.

spindle0s.jpg (14768 bytes)

Install the lower ball joint first, then the upper ball joint. Tighten the nuts to 90 ft-lbs, and secure using new cotter pins.

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