Belltech 5/8 Drop
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notcheds.jpg (20419 bytes) Here is a picture of the installed notch, fully welded in place. Notice the stock exhaust pipe was trimmed to provide clearance for the rear axle. This is only really necessary if you plan on lowering the rear 8-inches or more.
This inside view shows where the frame crossmember had to be unbolted before the notch reinforcement was installed.After installing the notch, this support can be welded in place. backnotchs.jpg (22113 bytes)
notchclips.jpg (21146 bytes) On the driver's side of the truck, the brake support bracket had to be unbolted from the frame before the notch was cut. The electrical conduit for the brake lights was also attached to the inside of the frame rail. These components were removed while cutting and welding. The brake support was then welded to the inside of the frame rail. If using a bolt-on C-notch, this bracket can be attached using a C-notch bolt.


Here is a look at the completed notch. It was given a quick coat of paint to prevent rust. paintnotchs.jpg (26110 bytes)
The rear axle is raised using the jack to unload the springs, and the new Belltech Nitro-Active shocks are installed.
For the lower shock mounts, Belltech provides shock extenders which increase the length of the shock travel.


crossnotchs.jpg (24982 bytes) On an extended-cab truck, such as our project truck, it is important that the two-piece driveshaft be kept in alignment. Lowering the rear of the truck changes the angle of only half of the driveshaft, and the center carrier bearing must be moved up approximately 2-inches to compensate for the new driveshaft angle and alignment.
For proper clearance of the driveshaft, the cab support must be notched. Using a plasma cutter quickly removes the necessary material. crossnotchs.jpg (24982 bytes)
The driveshaft is unbolted from the crossmember, and can be easily pushed up by hand. The carrier bearing spacer is then set on top of the crossmember and bolted into place. Two additional bolts and spacers at used at the rear transmission mounts to keep the driveshaft in perfect alignment. These parts are all included in the Belltech 6-inch Flip-Kit for extended-cab trucks.

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