Belltech 5/8 Drop
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With the truck sitting securely on jackstands, jack the rear axle by the center bell-housing to support the axle. Compress the leaf springs about 1/2-inch to unload them. Remove the lower shock mount bolts, U-bolt nuts, and the leaf springs plates on both sides of the truck. axles.jpg (22563 bytes)


rearleafs.jpg (22984 bytes) Remove the bolts that secure the brake line and wiring harness to the inside frame rail. Carefully lower the axle using the jack, being careful not to put the rear brake line under any strain.


Remove the stock rear leaf spring shackle bolts and leaf spring shackles. At this point, the rear end of the leaf spring packs can be lowered. With the leaf srping pack free on one end, and the axle supported by the jack, pivot the axle to one side to allow the leaf spring to be manuevered below the axle.

Repeat the process on the other side so that the axle is supported above the jack and the leaf spring packs rest on the floor. Using the jack, raise the axle so that the leaf springs will be able to be re-attached to the rear spring shackles.

axle1s.jpg (24766 bytes)


shackles.jpg (5551 bytes) Now we will install the "drop shackles." These replace the stock leaf spring shackes, and allow the leaf springs to be pivoted up higher at the rear and provide approximately one or two inches of lowering, depending on the mounting hole used.


Mount the drop shackes using the stock mounting bolts, and place the leaf spring mounting bolt in the top hole to provide a 2-inch drop. dropshackles.jpg (21280 bytes)


saddles.jpg (24134 bytes) With the leaf springs re-attached to the frame, it is time to mount the axle on top of the leaf springs using the provided parts from the flip-kit. Install the axle saddle on top of the leaf springs, making sure that the mounting hole is toward the front of the truck.


In stock form, the leaf plate's mounting hole was in the center of the position that the axle was located. When the truck is lowered, the driveshaft will be pivoted up and be forced into the rear-end of the truck. By using the offset hole in the axle saddle, you essentially move the axle back 1-inch instead of shortening the driveshaft.


Axle Shims

Spring Plate and U-bolt


Install the supplied U-bolts, spring plate, and nylon locking-nuts. Slide one axle shim between the axle saddle and leaf spring pack on each side, placing the thick end toward the rear of the truck. The axle shims keep the rear-end in alignment with the new driveshaft angle created by lowering the truck. shimsaddles.jpg (23959 bytes)

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