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NOPI Nationals
Altanta, Georgia

With cloudy weather and an occassional rain shower on Friday, this years NOPI Nationals held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Atlanta Georgia proved that custom truck owners are diehard enthusists. This year's event drew thousands of custom vehicles from all over the United States with participants coming from as far away as California, Texas, and Maine as well as all surrounding states. Though there was a very large contingent of cool compact cars, it was the wildly painted, ground-scraping trucks that stopped spectators in their tracks. The sounds of booming stereos and dragging frames from body dropped trucks and SUV's could be heard throughout the day. If that wasn't enough, the vendor area was packed with everything from suspensions to body kits for sale. Now sit back and cruise through this year's show yourself.

Article and photos by Ken
of Showtime Kustoms SC

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