California Truck Jamboree
Sunday, August 10th, 1998, the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, CA were home to the 12th Annual California Truck Jamboree. This annual sumer event is host to some of the best rides the West has to offer. The summer event is actually smaller in turnout compared to the Spring Jamboree held in May of each year. We suspect the combination of summer heat and numerous other events happening the same weekend (Summer Madness in Bakersfield, CA, and Hot August Nights in Reno, NV, to name a few) draw the attention away from this event.

The show was literally dominated by full-size Chevy and GMC vehicles. Imports were a definite minority, but mini-truckin' enthusiasts should be satisified with the number of S-10's in attendence. We have to admit that the event was not a very good cross-section of sport trucks in general, but it did exemplify the fact that Chevy/GMC has won the West, at least in sheer numbers. There were some fine examples of Fords in attendence as well, including more new Expeditions, F-150's, and even the brand new F-250 and F-350 "Super Duty" trucks.

And for anyone involved in tricking out their own truck, there were plenty of manufactueres, venders, and custom shops on hand to hock their wares. Every aspect of custom was covered from the "Pick-your-part" junkyard booth, to the wild creations of Kal Koncepts, West Coast Customs, Crazy Customs, California Custom USA, and Master Image Customs. The ever-popular bikini contest draw fewer contestents that the crowd would have liked, considering there were more contestents in the jalepe´┐Żo-eating costest... once again we can only blame the heat.
The jalape´┐Żo contest lasted only a matter of seconds, perhaps the peppers were not as hot as the weather. Speaking of hot ... the ladies in bikinis were on-hand to lend their support... Tylene Buck, won the bikini contest. Her numerous appearances in custom truck magazines and even on has made her a real crowd pleaser.


Now you can cruise through 10 pages filled with pictures from the show, and avoid the un-Southern California-like heat and humidity that kept people in the shade during most of the event.




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