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History and Philosophy

A Brief History traces its beginning to 1996. It was originally founded as a "Sport Trucks" fan site with information about sport trucks. At that time, the total amount of information about sport trucks on the Internet was limited to a handful of words on only a few pages. The "Sport Trucks" site quickly grew. The introduction of the Truck Tech Q&A area allowed users to interact by asking and answering questions.  By June of 1997, the "Sport Trucks" page had moved to its own URL, From the start, has continually provided up-to-date features, extensive show coverage, and a place for the online sport truck community to converge and share information.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the Internet provides unique opportunities beyond any other media. We do not pretend to be an "online magazine." We are a complete resource, with constantly updated directories, listings, and information. We host the largest online community of sport truck enthusiasts. Thousands of people come to on a daily basis, to chat, learn, and have fun. We update constantly, not on a monthly basis. Show coverage often appears within hours of a show. We don't wait for monthly updates because we aim to provide the latest information as soon as possible. We also believe in keeping as much information available as possible, and we keep extensive archives of previous articles, pictures, and information, amounting to over 200,000 messages, thousands of high-resolution show pictures, and over 1,000 clubs are listed in our exclusive truck club directory.

We provide all this to anyone and everyone with access to the Internet. We do not charge for subscriptions to Subscriptions severely limit the amount the number of viewers and thus the amount of information which can be exchanged. Furthermore, we do not believe in charging for what can be found elsewhere (although in a lesser degree than what offers) for free.


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