The fastest trucks in America gathered at Pomona Raceway in California, and now brings you an exclusive, inside inside look at this second annual Performance Truck Shootout. This private event hosted by Truckin' Magazine is where only the best of the best in the Performance Truck Industry come to show off their stuff, and we're bringing you exclusive coverage months before you see it in any magazine.

If you think show trucks with wild paint and 20-inch aluminum wheels are built just for looks, think again. These guys were doing burnouts in 20's and spreading smoldering rubber, mud and loose gravel over their custom paint. It may seem extreme, but these guys make their living modifying trucks, and extreme just goes with the territory.

These trucks aren't stripped-down, race-only vehicles. All trucks at the event were held to strict rules: All trucks must be at least 49-state legal, include all working emissions control systems, a factory or OEM replacement catalytic converter, and a full-length exhaust system with muffler and tailpipe. All trucks must use radial street tires that fit within the factory wheelwells, and run on 92 octane unleaded pump gasoline. And all trucks must have a full interior containing carpet, seats, headliner, and door panels, and original metal fenders, and factory frame.

With all those restrictions, you might wonder what this event was all about. The idea was to allow each manufacturer to show what can be done in the real world to a street-legal truck. The results show that you can build a wild custom truck that will consistently run a 13 or 14 second quarter-mile time, and be street legal. But there is one important difference that sets many of these trucks apart from the rest. These trucks weren't built on a budget. Each one is a showcase of a particular manufacturer or company, and cost was no object. While it may be true that for some people money is not a problem, but for the rest... well, you can always dream.

Exclusive Coverage
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This Ram sports a Kenne Bell Supercharger.

Smoked out...

'97 Dodge Dakota in action.


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