Hot August Nights '97
Reno, Nevada

Reno Nevada, home to Hot August Nights 1997, and the place to party. This year's show was huge. With over 4,000 pre-1969 cars and trucks showing in Reno and Sparks, it proved to be one largest gatherings yet. The weekend weather couldn’t have been better, with temperatures in the high 90’s during the day, and in the low 80’s at night. Perfect. This year would be the first time for many rodders and builders to make the journey to Reno, and we’re sure they had a good time.
With the downtown streets of Reno and Sparks being closed for a huge car show by day, and open for cruising at night, plenty of open pavement was provided for everyone to show off their rides. Every type of car and truck and hot rod you could think of was there, even a dually that made you think there was an earthquake from it’s deep bass. Cars were having burnout competitions in the middle of the streets and one guy in a Viper even threw some donuts for the crowd, not for the authorities of course.The sidewalks were packed all weekend long with people taking in all the action and sun they could. It seems as though the crowd never ended.

Sunday brought the end to an exciting and tiring weekend, and all that was left was the long journey home. Hopefully, everyone made it home without any problems. We're sure that those who attended this year are looking forward to Hot August Nights '98.

Custom graphics, 17-inch polished billet aluminum wheels, and a low ride-height make this late model Chevy S-10 one wild ride. Take a closer look!

This Chevy S-10 took a sligtly different approach. To make this lowrider, gold-plated wire wheels were boled on all four corners and covered with low profile tires. The body received custom graphics, a deep window tint, custom mirrors, a bed cover, and a full-width billet aluminum grille completes the look. Take a closer look!

Take a standard-cab, short-bed full-size Chevy, extend the rear fenders, and strap on custom wheels with huge rear tires. Apply black paint with purple flames over a smoothed-out custom body, and get a mean custom custom. Take a closer look!

To get this Toyota mini-truck up to speed, a polished and blown V-8 was squeezed into the engine bay. The rear fender wells were tubbed out to make room for a pair of huge racing slicks. Take a closer look!

Hot August Nights - August 8-10, 1997 - Reno, Nevada.

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