Chevy/GMC Truck Nationals
Mid-State Fairgrounds
Paso Robles, CA

West Coast '98 CHEVY/GMC Nationals

On the weekend of March 13-15, the Mid-State Fairgrounds in Paso Robles, CA was home to the 15th annual Chevy / GMC Truckin' Nationals. With nothing but wide open grass and plenty of shade trees, this is the ultimate spot for a show as big as the Nationals. This spectacular 3 day show is one of Northern California’s priemer truck shows of the year and it seemed as though everyone in California attended. It is also a weekend with all the major manufactuers from Eagle One to Gaylords and Auto Meter showing all their latest products, along with some helpful tech clinics and how-to seminars.

Since the show is open to all years and models of Chevy and GMC trucks, there was everything from modern-day tricked-out sport trucks to all-original classic restorations, and they were all sweet. And for those still rolling around in primer, the was even an "In The Works" class.

You must be asking yourself, "Isn’t this an El Nino year?" Well, yes it is, and that’s an even a better reason to hold a show early in the year. The weather in Paso Robles could not have been better. With temperatures in the high 70’s and a cool breeze, the only thing missing would be a perfect weekend like this every weekend. Cruise through 9 full pages of event coverage from Paso Robles and see for yourself. And remember you saw it here first on

Previous-model trucks were everywhere. This Blazer sports some trick graphics, smooth shaved body mods, and billet-stuffed wheel-wells.
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